I am a Pedophile Hunter, or Phunter as I personally prefer. You may be reading this because you have a problem with a pedophile in your area, I would be happy to hear your story and help you in anyway I can. I use various legal and ethical means to hunt down child abusers and those who share their sick porn with the world. You may be reading this because you are a pedophile who I've tracked down. In which case you are in a whole lot of trouble. 

I hunt pedophiles because:


  • It's the right thing to do

  • I have the investigative abilities to expose those working with children

  • I was a victim of grooming myself

  • I don't have faith in the legal system

  • Every child should be actively protected

If you've been a victim of child sexual abuse and you need to talk with someone, talk with me. I'm happy to offer free counselling to those who are struggling to make sense of their experience and their future direction. I can offer you complete confidentiality, honesty, and support. Get in touch.


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Johnny Vedmore

Follow me @JohnnyVedmore. I'm a UK based Singer, Songwriter, Political Investigative Journalist, Legalise Cannabis Advocate and I'm also a Pedophile Hunter. FREE WALES!!!