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Johnny's Data Diving Part 1-5

Johnny has been searching through the hard drives of thousands of people. Using legal methods to catch the people committing some of the shadiest crimes. The Data Diving articles uncover Israeli Intelligence Data gathering methods, a Pedophile working 1:1 with vulnerable children in Philadelphia School District, a Chief IT Architect leaking employee data alongside rape porn, how to profile online pedophiles, and potentially Johnny finds Ghislaine Maxwell sharing child porn in Montreal, Canada. There are plenty more perps to expose. Keep watching for more to come...

My name's Johnny Vedmore. I'm a Musician, Investigative Journalist, Video Maker, Producer, DATA Angel and I hunt sex offenders. Expect many more of my projects to be realised during 2020. Subversive music, more video chats and plenty more stories.


If you need my help with anything at all then you can contact me directly at the bottom of the page.


Be safe and love each other x

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